A while back I was setting up my Zpacks Duplex at the park and took a few pics, which you will find below, was just playing around with pitches and getting the hang of setup. I think I ended up taking about 8 or so inches off the corners, which brought the stake closer to the tent and the pitch to about the 6 inches the instructions say it should be. These pics were PRE guyline fix.

Zpacks Duplex Tent Setup Tweaks

Worth a mention that in the video after Joe stakes first two corners and then get first pole up, Joe then puts the second pole in and THEN puts in the final two corner stakes …. as opposed to putting in corner stakes on last side and then final pole, which makes sense. My big take away is that once you have all 4 corner stakes in and both poles in, the first two stakes tend to be an angle where they are pulling directly away from each other, as opposed to pulling more away from dead center of the tent (sort of like how rays of the sun originate at center and go out ) …. if that makes sense, so I re-stake the first two after all 4 corners are in so all 4 stakes have an equal pull that is pulling more away from dead center of the tent.

Zpacks Duplex Guy Line Modifications

I also lengthened the two main guy lines that connect above both doors. The default length was just too steep for my taste and lengthening them a bit did a lot for getting a more stable pitch so the stakes are less likely to pull out … This was a bit of an issue on a weeklong Sierra Nevada backpacking trip I took with Andrew Skurka, but pretty easy to fix!


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