This is my ultralight hammock rig that uses a single suspension so the tarp does not need separate ridgeline guylines, it simply connects to the existing hammock suspension (Hennessy style). The benefits of this setup are that it is much quicker to set up and tear down with less hassle and it enables me to get a better pitch with less weight than using separate guylines for my tarp!

There is zero sag (with dyneema tarps) once the tarp is adjusted with weight in hammock as shown in the video and I can pitch the tarp on the ground as necessary with the existing suspension and trekking poles as well when I mess up my timing on pass and have to go to ground because I’m stuck above the treeline. :) It is also possible to pitch the tarp first and then hammock if in rain.

There is potential for increased weight savings with 1.1 0z material for the hammock instead of the 1.6 oz I use, but prefer the 1.6 for the sake of reliability and wear and tear, it seems to do better. I also use 1/8 amsteel on my continuous loops and whoopie slings instead of lighter 7/64 and again, it does MUCH better in terms of wear and tear and seems totally worth the small weight penalty. These items together might save 3 or so ounces if my memory serves me right. My hammock rig is a 1.85 lb penalty over my ground only tarp setup and totally worth it, my hammock is the comfy cocoon ever, especially in colder weather!


Dutchware 11 foot netless hammock with structural ridgeline (1.6 oz hexon) + 6 foot Warbonnet tree huggers + whoopie slings with dutch hooks: 16.95 ounces

Hammock Gear Hammock Tarp (11 foot ridgeline): 7.96 ounces

Easton nails + Hilltop dyneema stake bag: 2.3 ounces

Hammock Gear 20 degree Incubator underquilt: 22.7 ounces

Pics from Past Trips on the Colorado Trail, John Muir Trail and Tahoe Rim Trail








Ultralight Hammock Single Suspension Tarp Setup