PCT Stats: Day 4

  • Daily Mileage: 0
  • Starting Mile Marker: 41.47
  • Ending Mile Marker: 41.47
  • Pack Weight: n/a
  • Weather: Overcast & Cool, Temps in 50’s
  • Nights in Hammock: 4
  • Nights on Ground: 0
  • Nights in Hotel: 2
  • Health: Zero days to rest and foot feeling better!

Rest and Recuperation in Julian

The last few days have been a nice and much needed rest. My foot is feeling better but I have a bit of a sore throat. Julian is pretty, but very small. I met up with the crew at Carmen’s where she made us some breakfast burritos. She also put everyone up that needed a place to stay on her floor …. very sweet of her!



Resupply and Pack Shake Down with Skippy

I was fortunate to have a friend bring my resupply boxes from San Diego. The last four days on the trail gave me a much better perspective on what I need to be carrying and what I need to be sending ahead in my bounce box, so I made the necessary corrections. I also had Skippy do a shakedown with me on my gear my pack as he has Appalachian Trail through under his belt And he’s currently rocking an 8.5 pound base weight. I took 2.2 pounds Worth of gear out of my pack putting my base weight closer to 15 pounds, which is awesome considering I am incurring a 3 pound penalty for my hammock setup.







Goodnight For Now, Excited for What Tomorrow Brings!

I’ve spent the last nine hours setting up my blog working with images and catching up on the last week of blog posts, so I’m got to going to call it’s an night and get some rest, thanks for reading! Night!