PCT Stats: Day 7

  • Daily Mileage: 11.15
  • Starting Mile Marker: 41.47
  • Ending Mile Marker: 52.62
  • Pack Weight: 31.98 lbs
  • Weather: Overcast with Rain & Lightning in the Afternoon
  • Nights in Hammock: 5
  • Nights on Ground: 0
  • Nights in Hotel: 2
  • Health: Right foot was tender but feeling better!

On the Trail Again

After a nice rest in Julian was excited to get back on the trail but apprehensive about how my foot would be feeling. Today it was mostly overcast and the trail move through fire scarred areas are there are burnt out trees and shrubs.




Fire On the Mountain

As the clouds grew and grew rain was visible across the valley in the mountains far away. About one hour away from my destination began to rain lightly then began to hail lightly. The rain continued to increase and begin a heavy downpour as I arrived where I was to camp for the night.





Oh the Lightning and Rain

I set up my hammock and in the rain and made a few mistakes with getting a few dry clothes I had wet. After a quick meal and very close lightning strike on the mountain next to us with a bright red flash, I was finally in my hammock. Although on my clothes and my hammock were soaking wet, they slowly started to dry and I had a great night’s rest in my hammock! Back in Mt. Laguna, there was a serious hail storm which resulted in many hikers retreating to the bathrooms at the campsite, with some spending the night in them as they were soaking wet and at risk for exposure.