Kris Has Been Missing Since October 12, 2016

My 2016 Pacific Crest Trail adventure was responsible for many new relationships and was a great opportunity to cross paths with dozens, if not hundreds of other hikers on trail. One of those hikers, was Kris Fowler, from Ohio. We shared rides hitchhiking, camped together a few times and leapfrogged each other in different parts of the trail.

The picture below was taken on October 12, 2016 when Kris was dropped off at White Pass, WA after a resupply. It is the last known picture taken of Kris. There were some unconfirmed sightings in the weeks after he went missing, but nothing that has been 100% confirmed.

Kris Fowler Missing PCT Hiker Flyer

Search For Kris: Summer 2018

In a few weeks, I will be packing my things and moving from Phoenix, AZ to Portland, OR to use it as a staging ground for spending the summer searching for Kris in Washington. We’re going on two years since he’s gone missing and my goal is to send him home to his family. I originally planned to go up for only a few weeks to search but decided that just wasn’t enough time. I have no place to stay, I’ll figure it out as I go as I’ve found that going with the flow instead of forcing things always works out best.

I took the picture of Kris in his bivy at sunset when we camped at the base of Forester Pass.

Kris Fowler Search

Do You Have Information You Think Can Help?

Search and Rescue, the Sheriff or the family’s Facebook search page, are the first places you should go to if you believe you have information related to his disappearance. Additionally, if you have info that you think might help me, I would greatly appreciate it as I need all the help I can get. The gravity of how big this search area is not lost on me, this is a literal needle in a haystack scenario. You can reach me at using the form below or at trace at Thanks in advance!


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