This is Where the Search Begins

Hiya, my name is Trace. I moved to Portland from Phoenix a few weeks ago to find missing PCT hiker, Kris Fowler, trail name Sherpa … I spent some time with him on the PCT in 2016 and believe most of the search efforts have been in the wrong area(s) as I believe the all reported “sightings” are bogus, especially the bear hunter sighting at Blowout Mountain.

I have been in contact with SAR and indirectly with the Sheriff in charge sharing everything I know starting from the very beginning in November 2016 but I have withheld my personal opinions from the public for the sake of the family and to not rock the boat as they went through a very tough time, especially since the “sightings” were a cornerstone of the family’s hope and speaking out after the fact wouldn’t have affected change as I feel Kris had already passed before the search had even begun. I will try to put together a video in the next week that will clarify my position with my personal general insights and insights from my time with Kris on the PCT. The pic above is one I took of Kris in his bivy at the base of Forester Pass.

UPDATE VIDEO: Conditions Were Sloppy As Expected

Blowout Mountain Sighting Is a No go

In short, imho, the worst thing that could have happened to the search were the Blowout Mountain “sightings” …. that single event has derailed the entire search, it has been excruciatingly sad to watch from the sidelines as resources and efforts have been wasted on bad beta while ignoring the critical event that ended most people’s thrus that year, the storm. The storm is the crux, yet it has been discounted entirely by the search at large.

White Pass Scouting

Heading out on first scouting trip in the AM out of White Pass. Expecting sloppy and melty conditions, so depending on what I see, I will either head in for one or two nights along the PCT heading North out of White Pass (Kris is not directly on the PCT, he’s off trail, so I’m not looking for him per se, just trying to get a feel for the area). There is a very good chance I will get to the trailhead and decide it’s too sloppy and will need to wait another few weeks and will head straight back to Portland …. we’ll see.


Keto Backpacking Food for Kris Fowler Search out of White Pass, WA

Keto Backpacking Meal Plan for the Trip

Side Note for Keto Peeps: My #ketobackpacking food includes, wraps with provolone, pepperoni, mustard and mayo on #lowcarb tortillas. Nut butter (50% grass fed butter / 50% peanut butter in the peanut butter jars), breakfast coffee (#mctoil, high fat cream powder, protein powder, coffee), electrolyte powder with sodium and potassium), cheese, home made trail mix (coconut shavings, almost, walnuts, pecans, chocolate chips), macadamias, almonds, pepperoni sticks. This is actually closer to 4 days worth of food so will be cutting some, this was a last minute sloppyish prep…. I was actually supposed to leave earlier today but underestimated my prep time and got way behind… so fresh start in the AM.

Pack was weighing in at 23.5 pounds but realized I will likely be on snow the entire time and don’t want to bring a second sleeping pad, so am brining my hammock rig instead.

Ultralight Backpacking Rig for Kris Fowler Search out of White Pass, WA




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