PCT Stats: Day 9

  • Daily Mileage: 11.96
  • Starting Mile Marker: 68.4
  • Ending Mile Marker: 80.36
  • Pack Weight: 29.40
  • Weather: Sunny and Very Hot with Temps in the 80s
  • Nights in Hammock: 7
  • Nights on Ground: 0
  • Nights in Hotel: 2
  • Health: Arms and legs super sunburned despite 2x sunscreen, foot doing ok.

Down the Mountain and Into the Desert We Go

After a great nights rest in the water resupply from the fire tank I headed along the Mountain where we slowly descended into the desert floor. Although we had hot tents and sunny day so far this is the first day the sun actually affected me and I notice I had a very bad sunburn on the back of my arms and my legs, that I noticed too late. Since had already sent ahead my long sleeve shirt I needed to double up on sunscreen but it was too little too late. The miles continued along the desert floor and the sun continued to take its toll until we reached Scissors Crossing. We had finally reached the classic desert landscape I’m accustomed to with less green and more cactus, many of which were in bloom.








Oasis in the Desert

Wall most of the people in our group and try to enjoy went to a local RV parkFor snacks and beers I headed to Rodriguez Creek which was a quarter mile off the trail down the highway. I found a small desert oasis with the small flowing stream with cool blue water with lots of trees provide much needed shade. It felt great to cool off, do some laundry, soak my feet and get a nice break while trying to avoid the ants hiding in the leaves!



Up The Mountain I Go

After the nice rest at Rodriguez Creek in the long ascent into the San Felipe Hills. My goal was to get up and over the mountain it which time I realized there was no going over it the trails to go for many many miles alongside the mountain just shy of the ridgeline.

Since there was not enough daylight to get off the mountain, I needed to find a secure place to camp for the night to provide refuge from the wind. I came across a little enclave that provided just the right boulders for me to hang my hammock.

I had fun setting up for hanging which is the biggest one I’ve ever attempted so far. I had one issue as I was testing my boulder anchor when the anchor slipped, resulting in a small hole puncture in my hammock, which would later become an issue in the days to come.






Introducing My First Trail Dish the Cheddar Bomb!

For dinner I created my favorite trail dish so far, the Cheddar Bomb! It is made with broccoli and noodle sides with cheddar cheese powder, powdered milk, Ruffles bacon and cheddar potato chips and butter (yes, I bring real butter)… Nom nom nom!