PCT Stats: Day 10

  • Daily Mileage: 10.84
  • Starting Mile Marker: 80.36
  • Ending Mile Marker: 91.20
  • Pack Weight: 26.10
  • Weather: Sunny and Extremely Windy, Wind Advisory for Southern California in Effect
  • Nights in Hammock: 7
  • Nights on Ground: 1
  • Nights in Hotel: 2
  • Health: Plantar fasciitis in right foot kicked in hard at 2:30, unable to go on… :(

From Hammock Holes to Water Caches

After great night rest in my hammock, I was relieved to not have any issues with the hole in my hammock growing or my anchor point slipping. I was about 60% positive that I would not end up on my ass in the middle the night due to my aggressive anchoring.



More Foot Pain, Here We Go Again

After an aggressive mileage day, the day before, I continued putting miles and was probably a little more aggressive than I should’ve been which resulted in more heel pain in my right foot. I wasn’t taking up brakes to rest my foot and as a result about eleven miles in, I arrived at the 3rd Gate water cache and was unable to go on, I ended my day at 3 PM.

Since we had a high wind advisory for Southern California and we had been fighting high winds all day long I, decided it would be better to not attempt to hammock hang. Instead, I secured a location to go to ground and spent the night away from the wind.