PCT Stats: Day 85

  • Daily Mileage: 11.03
  • Starting Mile Marker: 755.27
  • Ending Mile Marker: 766.30
  • Pack Weight: 40.10Weather: Hot
  • Nights in Hammock: 25
  • Nights on Ground: 19
  • Nights in House or Hotel: 32
  • Health: Right heel felt bruised.

Today we made our way to the Mt. Whitney Junction and camped before the ranger station as only PCT permit holders are able to camp past that point. I had a ranger stop me for my PCT permit and I have a copy on  my phone but not a paper one ….. I know you need a paper one, but it’s 2016, give me your fax and I will fax it to you if we’re going to go that route :)

Tomorrow we will ascend Mt. Whitney. It will be very nice going up with near perfect summer weather, as opposed to my previous ascent which occurred the first week in September, a day before a huge storm was coming in. There were sideways icicles coming off rocks and all exposed skin was wind burned …. it was intense.

I will likely end up back at camp at around 6 PM and will head out the next morning for Forester Pass.

My right heal is officially bruised. I’m experimenting with different insoles and possibly no insole to see what works, not thrilled about this latest issue … boohoo!