PCT Stats: Day 2

  • Daily Mileage: 4.58
  • Starting Mile Marker: 15.38
  • Ending Mile Marker: 19.96
  • Pack Weight: 31.3 lbs
  • Weather: Sunny then Overcast and  Beautiful
  • Nights in Hammock: 2
  • Nights on Ground: 0
  • Nights in Hotel: 0
  • Health: Sore everywhere. Plantar fasciitis is still issue in right foot

Finally Sweet, Sweet Sleep and Rest

I woke up this morning after the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a week or so! The weather was expected to be in the mid 80s again today, but really took its time warming up so it was cool until about 11 o’clock or so. The ascent out of Hauser Canyon was at mild and I really enjoyed it, especially with the cooler temps. After a quick 5 miles I arrived at Lake Morena Campground, where I decided to take the rest of the day off due to my foot still hurting and got to hang with some awesome people that I had been chatting with for months via Facebook… lots of fun!

Lake Morena Campground is great because it has showers water and bathrooms and there’s a great store and restaurant down the street that has pizza, burgers, food, milkshakes, booze and just about anything else you might need.

I’m still very concerned about my foot as it still feels bruised as I walk on it. Heading out in the morning to mile 37 where Sierra Skywalker’s data points show there is a hang spot for my hammock!