PCT Stats: Day 1

  • Daily Mileage: 15.38
  • Starting Mile Marker: 0
  • Ending Mile Marker: 15.38
  • Pack Weight: 44.4 lbs
  • Weather: 85 and Sunny
  • Nights in Hammock: 1
  • Nights on Ground: 0
  • Nights in Hotel: 0
  • Health: Sore everywhere. Plantar fasciitis in right foot is a very serious issue, extremely concerned.

Brutal Week Prepping and Moving for My 2016 PCT Thru

The Last week has easily been one of the hardest ways I can remember my adult life. Moving was extremely tough and I was very sick with a virus but still had to spend 30 hours straight moving my stuff into storage prior to my 4/1 move out date. I should have hired movers as I greatly underestimated the work it would take to move my stuff into storage after selling a ton of stuff… will never make that mistake again! I’ve been anxious about leaving my home, my possessions and comfortable little life I had on the beach behind. More than anything, I just wanted to get on the trail and get going!

Day One, Let’s Do This!!!

Day one, here we go! I’m obviously extremely excited but have a ton of anticipation going into this crazy adventure. I went to bed at 2:00 am and had to wake up at 5:15 … mainly just rolled around and probably got less than an hour of sleep, so started off feeling pretty horrible and still battling a virus I’ve had all week. Really just wanted to get the first day under my belt … wasn’t feeling awesome and my pack weight of 44.4 lbs is 6 lbs higher than it should have been, so will have to figure out where my numbers are off, no bueno.

trace richardson pct southern terminus campo






This Isn’t Desert!

Today was hot with temperatures in the mid 80s. The landscape was surprisingly lush and green, not the typical desert I’m accustomed to in the southwest or more specifically in Arizona where I’m from. This was a nice surprise and I didn’t see a single cactus. There was a bit of elevation gain and loss, but no super tough climbs.

I passed a handful of people on the trail but far fewer than I was expecting. I had a bit of a later start and passed four or five people, but overall it was very quiet day in terms of interacting with others.





Anatomy of a PCT Rescue

At mile 12, I noticed a chopper circling above. As I rounded a corner, I ran into Cheezit and his partner as they were waving a trekking pole with the bandanna connected to it to flag down to San Diego Sheriff’s Department helicopter that was circling above. It turns out that a hiker had called 911 in distress due to his sprained ankle. We helped the hiker get his gear together in the Sheriff’s Department chopper sent down a rescue tech that came down to assist the hiker that was in need of help. The hiker was put in a harness and then lifted up to the helicopter. Then the rescuer was lifted up and the helicopter took off for another rescued been called in.


Worst Case Scenario: Overuse Injuries

One very big issue that has me extremely concerned is my right foot. Three months ago I hurt my right arch running barefoot on the beach and didn’t catch it for two or three days as I thought it was just a sore muscle when it turns out that it was more likely plantar fasciitis. Then a few days ago when I was moving my stuff into storage and walking down flight of stairs, I re-injured that foot. Today in the last couple miles it was really bugging me so this is a very big issue that has me extremely concerned and I’m not sure how it’s going to play out. Not happy about this, but still excited to be on the trail!

First Day Hammocking Success!

I wasn’t really sure what kind miles I wanted to do on day one apart from wanting to keep mileage on the low side. My biggest concern by far are injuries, so it is important that I start slow to let my body acclimate and avoid overuse injuries. At around mile 15 I descended into Houser Canyon which was very green with lots of trees. Since I’m hammocking on my 2016 PCT through hike, it’s important that I find places to camp that have trees, so I was very happy to be able to sleep in my super comfy hammock on my first night…. woohooo!





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